Loss and Hope in the face of actress Lorraine Mackie in the role of Lena, "Bellies, Knees and Ankles"

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The Taking!
This I Shall Defend
The Immigrant Stories
Hitchhiking to the End of the World
The Lions and the Lambs
Rocky and Athena Meet the World
Bellies, Knees and Ankles
1939: An Evening of Old Tyme Radio and Big Band Swing
The Summer Playhouse
Our Little House
The Peeper

Theatre is a communal exchange made in a specific place and time that can never be repeated. By its nature, it is the creation of a shared memory.  

    This I Shall Defend

    2013 Company (l to r) Tracey Hilderley, Matea David-Steel, Maggie Maracle, Theresa Binda, Theodore Syrette, Michael Russon, Christine Kay, Benn Fisher, Andre Stuetz, Byron Jaaskelainen