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Theatre in Motion has provided an identity for the creation of new works and new ventures in theatre by Northern Ontario artists since 1997.  
The guiding principles are:
  • New Works.
  • New and non-traditional audiences.
  • Collaborative cross-discipline creation.  
  • Showcasing regional talent.  
  • Renumeration for artists.
Theatre in Motion's current focus is on the development of a podcast anthology series written by area authors and production of a Moments in Algoma short film series based on local history. Our intent is to interpret northern stories, people and places with a fresh perspective and to encourage an active rather than passive curiosity about our rich history.    


* * the Theatre in Motion history **

It began when an ad hoc theatre troupe was in need of a name to submit to Fringe Festivals.  There was no expection the name would continue but when an invitation came along to develop original theatre at a non-traditional event for the Economic Development Corporation of Sault Ste. Marie, the identity grew.


Under the name of Theatre in Motion artists have created new  theatre for conferences and events; researched and wrote educational plays and videos; scripted tourism and investment videos for the municipality of Sault Ste. Marie; produced three summers of one act theatre; produced two live to air telethons for the local CTV station and even coordinated a video training program for employees of a steel mill.  In 2012 TiM became a casting agent for an Ottawa company's production of the orientation video currently running at the Ermatinger Clergue National Historic Site.  Since 2012 TiM has been the identity for the creation of stories and drama from true historical events and people in the Algoma region.


At the heart of these diverse undertakings is the writer W.A. Hamilton.  Wendy spent her early working years in broadcasting and communications until she came back to Sault Ste. Marie where her childhood involvement in community theatre rekindled a passion for writing for the stage.   That passion ignited a continued identity for the creation of original scripts and productions for regional television, industry, educators, businesses and the municipality that has lasted over 20 years.  While Wendy continues to stay involved, most often as writer/producer, collaboration remains the key to every project Theatre in Motion undertakes.  


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