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The Taking of the Tigress and the Scorpion

The working philosophy of Theatre in Motion is about the opportunity to create something new and present it to an audience wherever that audience might be.

Each project brings together an ad hoc troupe of artists who work in creation from the blank page to performance.  The list of contributors is substantial.  The need for musicians, actors, writers, designers, technicians and coordinators is ongoing.  While Theatre in Motion is a small northern based org we do pay the talent! 

If you have an upcoming event that could become memorable through the storytelling skills of Theatre in Motion bring it to the table.  Broaching a conversation costs nothing. 

If you would like to access an existing script or invite Theatre in Motion to share a past experience to assist you in your planning, get in touch. 


If you are interested in finding out about our latest project or to enquire about becoming involved, send us an email. 



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