Loss and Hope in the face of actress Lorraine Mackie in the role of Lena, "Bellies, Knees and Ankles"

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The Taking!
This I Shall Defend
The Immigrant Stories
Hitchhiking to the End of the World
The Lions and the Lambs
Rocky and Athena Meet the World
Bellies, Knees and Ankles
1939: An Evening of Old Tyme Radio and Big Band Swing
The Summer Playhouse
Our Little House
The Peeper

Theatre is a communal exchange made in a specific place and time that can never be repeated. By its nature, it is the creation of a shared memory.  

    MindLands, Algoma University 1998.

    "We always find some way to keep on thinking things will pick up.I guess we won't really believe it 'til they shut the gates. No. Not until they say so.. and they never say so... until it's too late."